Medicaid Applications

The Medical Assistance (“Medicaid”) program is a joint Federal, State and Local program that provides eligible individuals with a wide variety of benefits, depending on their unique situations and needs. In order for a person to receive benefits under the Medicaid program, a determination must first be made by the County they reside in that they are eligible for same (in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the relevant County agency is called the Department of Social Services, and in the 5 Boroughs, it is referred to as the Human Resources Administration).

A favorable determination regarding Medicaid eligibility can only be made upon a properly-prepared and submitted Medicaid Application. The process of applying for Medicaid can be overwhelming, particularly when seeking benefits for a person in a Skilled Nursing Facility, and people often seek the assistance of an Elder Law attorney to assist them in connection therewith. Our office has decades of experience in assisting our clients in navigating through this process and successfully obtaining Medicaid eligibility for the person whom the application has been filed for. We also have a great deal of experience in assisting clients with the handling of any issues that might arise during this process. If those issues cannot be disposed of by working with the County in connection with the application process, it is often necessary to request a Medicaid Fair Hearing upon receipt of an unfavorable determination by the County, which our attorneys also have a great deal of experience in handling.